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Callinan & Smith Attorneys have over fifty years of combined experience in issues surrounding insurance including:

Litigation and dispute resolution

Coverage Advice

Insurance Coverage Investigations


Our team of attorneys are highly dedicated to combatting insurance fraud. Through affirmative litigation, including actions in both New York and New Jersey, the attorneys at Callinan and Smith have been successful in litigating on behalf of their clients for multiple areas of insurance fraud. 

Recognizing that litigation is not the only avenue to achieving results, our team has worked closely with our clients' investigative units to root our insurance fraud at the onset, having handled thousands of Examinations Under Oath on behalf of our clients. 


Our firm also has substantial experience both in defending and litigating bodily injury cases. Whether on the road, at work, or anywhere else, injuries can happen. Our team is dedicating to getting the best possible results for our clients. 


The attorneys at Callinan and Smith has successfully litigated and defended in arbitrations, claims relating to all areas of insurance, including household residents, strangers to the policy, and out-of-state insurance coverage claims. 


Our attorneys have substantial experience representing insurers in cases where the policyholder is seeking extra-contractual damages by attacking the insurer's good faith conduct or alleged failure to settle within policy limits. 

We have successfully defended insurers against bad faith and defeated such claims by a variety of mechanisms such as obtaining favorable rulings via summary judgment, effective settlement negotiations and sometimes by trial.


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