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January 2021 Updates

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

During the month, a few important developments have occurred.

New Jersey announced an expanded Virtual Jury Trial program, with the goal of widespread implementation around April 5, 2021. The Court has published a comprehensive directive, including how technology will be utilized during the selection process. A copy of that notice can be found here.

New Jersey has also announced proposed amendments to the regulations for Court Reporting in the State of New Jersey. A copy of the proposed changes and information for how to contact the Board can be found here.

New York has included additional rule proposal changes, some of which concern the usage of remote deposition proceedings. A list of the changes with requests for public comment can be found here.

In New York, it was announced that the active grand juries will remain empaneled.

Lastly, in the Federal Counts, Alex Fleyshmakher admitted to his role in a kickback scheme concerning a pharmacy. A copy of the federal press release can be found here.

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